Sunday worship service via Zoom

Live Videoconference Services Select Sundays

Select Sundays, usually the first and 3rd each month, we will share in a live service via Internet videoconference using Zoom.  Fellowship starts at 10:00am with transition to worship at about 10:30am.  Connect by visiting during service.  For communion Sundays, Trinity will provide a limited number of bags containing a single serving bottle of juice and a pre-packaged roll that have already been consecrated.

For communion Sundays:

Please pick up a communion bag in the church parking lot at the designated time listed in the newsletter or email. To ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, please pull into the church parking lot, stay in your car and roll down your passenger side window; a volunteer wearing a mask and using an antibacterial wipe will place the bag in the passenger seat. Only one bag per household, please.

If you need a bag delivered to your doorstep, please email or text Penny with sufficient notice.