Trinity Christmas Party 2012

Those who attended the December 12 Trinity Christmas party had a wonderful time experiencing God’s love and Santa’s magic. The seasonal joy began with a tasty snack supper. During the meal, organist and pianist Wesley Hyde provided a gala repertoire of holiday piano music. Next, folks sang Christmas carols directed by Ashley Frazier. Exchanging Christmas ornaments brought everyone additional fun. Laughter erupted when Peggy Reed and Anita Wright received football ornaments.

Trinity children helped make the party special. Andrea Schlomer read a story while happy-faced kids anxiously awaited Santa’s arrival. The moment Santa appeared in his bright red suit, God’s Christmas love was revealed. Each child making his way to Santa’s lap received a hearty greeting and a bag of candy. Hope came alive as the children made their Christmas wishes known.

Santa said, "The children had definite opinions. One wanted a helicopter. Another asked for a spy camera. One of the girls wanted a grill and also some pizza." Hearts glowed when Santa wisely reminded the kids to celebrate baby Jesus’s birth.

"Kids are Christmas," remarked Anita Wright, when asked what she enjoyed most about the party. Nicoletta Versace said she loved the food.

Believing in the magic and spirit of Christmas is what makes the holiday enchanting. Reminding ourselves of Jesus’s birth is what makes Christmas miraculous.

(Text by Bonne Morris)