Barrett Jones Guest Speaker

We were greatly pleased to welcome Barrett Jones, currently playing center for the Crimson Tide football team, to deliver the message at our service today.  He spoke about the well-known parable of the prodigal son.  Barett spoke about the two sides of this story.  For him, the narrative about the younger prodigal son teaches us to not try to fill our lives with things other than God.  These things may be achievement in football, or they may be fame or any pleasure of the world.  But these are ultimately unfulfilling and true lasting fulfillment comes from the Lord.  The second side of the story, he said, was that of the obedient older son.  The obedient son perceives his father's love as a reward for his good deeds, when in fact it is given freely.  This is an important aspect of the grace of God especially for those who thing of themselves as "good" people.  The sacrifice for redemption was made by Christ on the cross, not by our imperfect works.  But instead we were first saved by the grace of God, not by our works.

We were blessed to have Barrett speak at our service.

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Update 9/17: WVUA aired a spot on Barrett's visit on the Sunday 10:00 news.  If you missed it, it may air again today at 4:00, or keep an eye on their video page for when they post the video from Sunday.

Update 9/17 #2: A shorter segment than aired Sunday appeared in the 5:00pm news today and was posted on the WVUA website.  For convenience you can jump right to the start of the Trinity Barret Jones segment in the youtube video.